About us

The idea for this site came out of our own frustration when trying to buy protein powder online. There is an endless stream of information available and so many options that I’m sure even a fully qualified nutritionist would have trouble choosing one protein powder over another. We wanted to make it easier.

So we took the three main areas that people want to use protein powders for:

  1. Size & Strength
  2. Sports Performance
  3. Weight Loss

We then looked at the full range of protein supplements available online in the UK, and narrowed down the choices based on what we knew was beneficial for each of the desired goals listed above. Some key factors for each category included:

Size & Strength – High in protein, lower in carbs & fat, fast digesting, low in calories

Sports Performance – Protein & carb mix, rapid absorption, minimise recovery time, performance boosting

Weight-loss – Low in calories, balanced nutrition, appetite suppressing, meal replacement

We also kept in mind that everyone has a different budget, so we put them into 3 different categories based on price:

  1. Cash to Splash
  2. Middle of the road
  3. Biceps Bigger than Wallet

The results of which can be seen on our “Size & Strength”, “Sports Performance” and “Weight Loss” pages.

We then also thought that people might not want to see them based on category, but just by the nutritional content of the protein powder, so we created a comparison table which allows you to order and filter out which ones you want to. We’re constantly adding new protein powders to the list, but only what we classify as the best protein powders which are available in the UK.

We hope that you find the site and information useful and we’d love to hear any feedback that you have; the good, the bad and the ugly!