Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powders

If you have been going to the gym for quite a while now, chances are you have heard some of the members talk about the protein shakes that they usually consume after an hour of intense workout. Protein powders, it seems, are getting more and more popular these days as a supplement and you can easily buy one over the counter and on the Internet. But what are protein powders really? Do they have any benefit for the normal, health-conscious person? Here is some information to let you understand the nature of protein supplements.

What Protein Powders Are

In essence, protein powders contain protein which is necessary for developing the body’s muscles, bones and other tissues. Containing either 100% protein or a combination of protein and other nutrients, protein powders can come in a variety of flavours and can be consumed in various ways though athletes prefer to take them in a shake.


Vanilla Protein Powder

Looks tasty and good for you!

Protein-based supplements also come in various forms but the main ones are whey, soy and casein protein. Athletes commonly use the whey variant as it is water-soluble (making it easy to turn into a drink) and is complete with all nine essential amino acids that a person needs on a regular basis and cannot obtain from their diet alone.

Soy protein is another popular variant but does not dissolve well in water and has a usually unpleasant taste. Protein powders also have varying price tags but experts assure us that any athlete can enjoy the same advantages regardless of what protein variant they are supplementing with.


A protein-based supplement does play a crucial role in the development of an individual’s body. Since it provides an extra dose of protein on a regular basis, it is certain that any person can enjoy a wide range of benefits. Protein shakes are known for restoring the glycogen in muscle which is an important source of energy in intense activities. For those that are into endurance training, a regular dose of protein will certainly be helpful.

Protein shakes also help improve muscle repair in a body. This is why a lot of body builders take the substance so as to get the best possible results from their training. Individuals who are not necessarily building their body or improving their running speed will also benefit as protein shakes can improve their body conditions exponentially. A recent study even found out that individuals who regularly take protein powders have stronger immune systems, do not tire out so quickly and do not suffer from muscle fatigue compared to those who don’t take a protein shake.

How Much Do You Need Daily?

Protein powders can become an integral part of your daily diet. However, there is a limit as to how much protein you can consume on a daily basis. Experts recommend 0.75 grams of protein everyday or 45 to 56 grams of protein a day. This includes all the protein you will take from the powder and from your daily meals. Staying within this limit will ensure that your body will get all the protein it needs, but these recommendations are mainly for individuals who are not weight training.

If you are weight training or performing any kind of intensive physical activity, your protein intake should be a lot higher and more like 1 gram of protein per 1lb of body weight.