Gynecomastia: What is it & What to do About it

Being in the health and fitness industry means dealing with people from all kinds of very different backgrounds and situations.

Some are in the extreme. Extremely fit and extremely unfit. Most are somewhere in the middle.

With the population continuing it’s growth towards obesity, we have a growing problem on our hands.

Obesity Problem

A condition that affects 26% of adults in the UK is obesity, according to the NHS. That is a big problem for society, the NHS and families across the country.

Obesity Facts

It’s not something we can easily ignore, either, because it’s a big burden on the country’s finances.

In recent years many people have been looking for ways to stay fitter and healthier. Most people see this as a way to improve their diet and fitness.

The Latest Fitness Trends

Some current fitness trends include F45, HIIT training and Park Run. But that’s just one part of the equation. The other is diet.

Healthy Living DietThe Latest Diet Fads

They say staying in shape is 80% diet and 20% training. And they’re probably right. They also say that you can’t out-train a bad diet and I would have to agree.

No matter how much you train, if you are consuming thousands of calories each day from highly processed foods with no nutritional value, high sugar, high fat and full of man made chemicals your body is not going to function properly.

One common dieting trend at the moment, which aims to counter this, is the Paleo diet.

Do Extremes Work?

If you look at any of these training philosophies and dieting protocols, you’ll notice a pattern. They are all fairly extreme in their points of view. They eliminate certain types of food stating that they are bad.

It’s my view that most extremes of any kind are not helpful. Extreme religious views, extreme actions and also extreme diets and training programmes.

Moderation is the key and that is what I believe will yield the best results.

Anyway, I digress…Let’s get back to the point of this post.

Man Boobs

Although this term has been used jokingly, this is actually something quite serious. As Men’s Health report, around 30% of men have to deal with it.

It’s a real problem and something which needs to be handled delicately. gynecomastia can cause severe confidence and self-esteem issues in men, leading to depression and anxiety.

One way to help reduce the size of your chest is to exercise. You can’t target a specific area to lose weight from, so the best moves are the ones which burn the most calories. HIIT training is very effective. Getting a personal trainer can really help with ensuring you stick to a routine safely and complete one which is effective.

Note: Check out my guide on losing weight effectively.

Other Options

There are plenty of options to get rid of gynecomastia, including supplements, exercise, natural remedies and even surgery.

Which options is best suited for you will depend on a number of factors. The most critical one to think about before surgery is, have you exhausted all other options?

I’d highly recommend checking out this video for some more info: