Kinetica 100% Recovery

The Protein

Kinetica have decided to use very “high quality” protein powder for this recovery shake. I say high quality because some people argue that the processing required to get the cleaner hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate protein powder actually results in the damage to the proteins. It’s very difficult to know how much heat has been used during the filtration process but it does go through a similar process to many other proteins.

Hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate are my favoured forms of protein powder because of the reduced lactose levels and the speed at which they can be absorbed by the body and served up on a platter to the starving muscles. This is exactly what you need after a hard session for optimal recovery so it’s a good sign for me that they opted to use the more appropriate types of protein. That’s probably why this is on the more expensive side, though. All that processing costs money.

The hydrolyzed whey has been pre-digested which means that it requires less work by the body to get it into the bloodstream and to the muscles. If you are looking for a fast acting, post-workout shake then I would definitely recommend trying out a hydrolyzed whey if you haven’t before to see what you think.

The whey isolate combination adds a slightly slower to absorb protein which is good because your muscles are going to need a constant supply of protein for many hours after strenuous activity. This will ensure that they are best served to recovery quickly.

Protein makes up less than 40% of this protein powder. This is because it’s designed for sports performance, so in other words someone who has been doing strenuous activity of an athletic kind. If you’re a boxer, track athlete, runner or involved in any other sport where you’ve been hammering your muscles and cardio systems, and therefore using up all of your glucose stores, this is the kind of shake you want. If you are more of a gym user, lifting weights and aiming to stay leaner I would take a look at our Size and Strength protein powders for a more appropriate choice.

The Carbohydrate

The largest component of this protein shake is actually carbohydrate. It’s recommended that someone who has been doing strenuous activities, like those mentioned above, should have a carb to protein ratio of 2:1 post-workout for optimum recovery. This is near to that level so is aimed at that kind of athlete. Your goal should be for recovery and not necessarily worried trying to stay lean.

It’s a blend of a few different types of carbs, which are added to help replace your levels of glucose that your body will have used during your workout session.

Maltodextrin is one of the main ingredients and this is derived from natural sources. Isomaltulose is one ingredient that I had not heard of before so I did a little research and it looks OK. One study I found reports it to be better for you than sugar because it doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels rapidly due to its slower rate of absorption by the body.

That probably explains whey they have maltodextrin and dextrose thrown in there so as to raise blood sugar quickly and cause an insulin release. This is what you want to do after a hard bout of strenuous activity because insulin helps to build muscle and that’s exactly what you want.

Other Added Ingredients

Kinetica 100% Recovery contains around 4% L-Arginine per 100g. L-Arginine is an amino acid found naturally in the body and is used to help build protein, so that’s a good thing. It also stimulates the release of insulin which is what we want post exercise, so another plus point. The third good point is that it is known to help remove waste products from the body and at a time when your body is working hard to repair your muscles this is a great helping hand.

L-Carnintine L-Tartrate is also present in this protein powder from Kinetica. 2.7g of it per 100g to be precise. This amino acid is believed to help the body better use fat for energy as opposed to the easier energy making route of using carbohydrates. It’s interesting that they have added this because it’s more commonly found in the weight loss protein powders. It’s not a problem, though, and I’m sure that most would see it as an added benefit.


I’m really starting to like Kinetica. I didn’t know much about them as they are not one of the major brands that most people would know about. I like them because they seem to have a good range of protein powders, with high quality ingredients and this one is no exception.

The proteins used are of high quality and the mix of carbs is definitely what you need if you are looking for optimal recovery after a high intensity sporting performance. The added ingredients to the mix definitely add to the value of this protein shake so that’s a bonus.

If you are looking for a high quality recovery protein powder then this is definitely one worth considering. It’s not the cheapest of shakes but then again quality never is.

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Kinetica 100% Recovery Ingredients

Kinetica 100% Recovery Ingredients