Kinetica Complete

Kinetica have delivered a higher carbohydrate protein powder in their “complete” product, but we’ve still categorised it in the size and strength category due to its ability to promote muscle growth post workout.

The Protein

My first impressions of this protein shake are very good. It has 3 different types of whey protein which will be absorbed at varying rates so it’s ideal as a post workout drink. The cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate is largest in terms of amount in this shake and that’s a good thing. It will be quickly absorbed into the body and because of the way in which it has been filtered the quality of the proteins should not be damaged at all.

They have also added a whey concentrate and a hydrolyzed whey concentrate. These will both contain higher levels of lactose, fats and carbs because they have not been filtered as intensively as the isolate, but they differ vastly in terms of how quickly they absorb. The concentrate will be the slowest to absorb whereas the hydrolyzed whey concentrate has been partially digested so the body is able to absorb it rapidly.

So, in order of speed to digest post-workout we have the following:

  1. Hydrolyzed when concentrate
  2. Whey protein isolate
  3. Whey protein concentrate

I would advise against using this protein powder as a snack due to the high levels of carbohydrate contained within it. This is ideal post-workout because the spike in sugar, and therefore insulin, that the carbohydrates induce creates a very anabolic (muscle building) state within the body. That’s good news but it is only relevant post-workout. If you take it at other times of the day it’s not going to have the same effect.

Added Ingredients

The guys over at Kinetica have really given this shake a boost by adding Glutamine, Leucine and some creatine monohydrate. Post workout you really need leucine because it has been shown to help promote muscle growth and repair. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and after a stressful time in the gym the body is in need of a top up, so another good addition.

Creatine monohydrate was originally thought best to have pre workout because it helps the body to produce energy for explosive actions. However, recent research has shown that by taking it post workout it helps to build lean muscle mass so if that’s your goal you should consider getting involved.


This Kinetica Complete protein powder comes in around the mid range of the protein powders. It’s amazing value in my opinion because it contains some really great ingredients and high quality proteins that you usually have to pay a lot more for.

Mix-Ability & Taste

Good mixing and good taste. Nothing out of the ordinary but not bad either. It’s less smoothie and and more normal drink in its appearance and texture. It goes down easily and doesn’t cause any stomach upset issues.


The ingredients used in this protein powder make for a really effective protein shake. The 3 types of protein used are ideal because your body needs a consistent source of protein delivery post workout and this will certainly deliver that. Also, the extra amino acids will help to repair and promote muscle growth. Throw in some creatine for good measure and you have yourself a muscle building mixture that many companies would be proud of.


The cost and ingredients mean you are getting so much for your money in this offering from Kinetica. I really like the way that Kinetica make their protein powders which seem high in quality and bang for your buck. They have really managed to deliver on a protein powder that promises to help you build muscle post workout.

Buy Kinetica Complete

From my point of view I cannot see why you wouldn’t want to try this protein powder out. It’s got all the ingredients you need in a post workout protein powder and comes in at an affordable price. Click through on one of the links below and order yours today.

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