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LA Muscle pitch this as a “the best protein you an buy”. But is it true? It certainly seems expensive on the face of it so let’s dig a little deeper to find out why this is the case.

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The Protein

LA Whey contains a whey concentrate, which is usually cheaper to produce and contains more lactose when compared to an isolate. However, in this case they report that it is “cross, micro and ultra filtrated to ensure it is the purest form of protein with no lactose”. I originally stated in my video that I wasn’t sure why it was so expensive, so now I know…But what does all this filtration mean?

The idea behind a lot of the filtration processes, like cross flow micro-filtration is to use a low temperature to remove the unwanted parts of the whey, such as lactose and fats. The reason for using the low temperatures is because many claim that high temperatures can cause damage to the proteins and therefore make it less effective.

The downside to this is that the time and effort to do all of this processing adds cost. That is why this LA Muscle LA Whey protein powder is so expensive.

My original point is still valid, though. This is a whey concentrate so no matter how many unwanted ingredients you take out of it, it’s going to be slower to digest than a hydrolyzed or isolate whey protein powder. Fast is what you want after a workout, whereas a slower digesting protein you would want as a snack or meal replacement when urgency was not needed.


LA Whey contains a healthy dose of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are critical for your body because they are the building blocks of muscle and assist in many important bodily functions. There are 20 of them in total, with 8 of them being considered “essential”. Essential means that your body cannot make them, like the others, so it must get them from the diet.

When weight training or participating in any sporting activity your body uses more of these BCAAs because it has to repair muscles and produce more energy. By supplementing with BCAAs after your workout you will aid the repairing process and keep your levels of BCAAs topped up.

LA Whey from LA Muscle helps you here because it has additional BCAAs added. You get a certain amount from whey protein anyway, but LA Muscle have added more to meet increasing demands. Just how effective they are is something that the scientists cannot agree on but they are definitely needed and used more in intense exercise so it’s a good idea to get a good helping from your diet or from a supplement.

Taste & Mix-ability

As I say in the video, the mix-ability of this shake is really good. 10 out of 10. It leaves no clumpy bits in the shaker and is very smooth to taste. However, the actual taste of it is pretty bad. It’s very weak and tastes like mildly flavoured water. It’s like drinking from a shaker that someone forgot to wash out when you just wanted a drink of fresh water…


For me this shake is too expensive, doesn’t taste amazing and will be too slow to digest post-workout. However, if you are looking for a protein powder that you can have as a snack replacement or to add to smoothies, etc, I would consider this one. It’s definitely a good quality protein powder and LA Muscle have really put a lot of effort into making sure that the filtration processes they use do not damage the integrity of the proteins so that can only be a good thing. If it’s a rapidly absorbing, post workout protein shake that you are after then this is not for you. Check out some of the other protein powders like the Dymatize ISO-100 or Kinetica Whey protein.

LA Muscle LA Whey Ingredients

LA Muscle LA Whey Ingredients

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