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It says on the tin that Maximuscle Cyclone is an…“All-in-one muscle-growth shake to support gains in lean muscle, strength and power”Let’s take a closer look to see if it lives up to what the guys over at Maximuscle say that it can do.

The Protein

Maximuscle have used a protein blend of mainly whey isolates and hydrolyzed whey. This is a good start because the isolates are the a high quality protein containing less lactose and other unwanted ingredients when compared to whey concentrate which is found in lesser quality protein shakes. Add in some hydrolyzed whey protein and you find yourself with a protein shake that will provide your muscles with the fuel they need for both immediately post-exercise and the medium term after your workout.

The reason for this is because the isolates are absorbed at a slower rate when compared to the hydrolyzed proteins, which have been partially pre-digested to be absorbed rapidly. Ideally you would also have a slower releasing protein thrown in to support your muscles for an extended time after your workout.

Protein Carb Mix

I was quite surprised by the high level of carbohydrates in this protein shake which have come from dextrose. Dextrose isn’t a problem and nor is having carbs post workout. In fact, carbs post workout are positively encouraged because they are needed to promote optimal muscle growth. However, with such a high amount (35g per 100g) it does seem out of character for a protein shake within this “Size & Strength” category.

I would suggest that this shake should be aimed more at the athlete who is very active with their workouts and performs at a high intensity level and does a lot of exercise each week. Probably more aimed at elite level athletes who need this level of carbohydrate after an intensive session. The novice/beginner who is only doing some basic workouts for a few hours a week isn’t going to need this high level in my opinion.

Other Added Ingredients

Added to the mix we have some creatine monohydrate, essential fatty acids and glutamine. The creatine is a nice touch for energy replacement but again signals that this is aimed at those who are really working at the top level and require it. The essential fatty acids will benefit all gym-goers as extra omega-3s and 6s are probably a good thing for just about every person considering our usually nutrient poor diets.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body. It’s used for many processes, among which is the synthesis of protein. Therefore, very much a required nutrient for muscle building. Bearing in mind that post intense athletic activity glutamine can become less abundant in the body, the added glutamine in this Maximuscle Cyclone protein shake is definitely a benefit.


If you are a serious athlete who trains very hard and requires a high dosage of carbohydrate post workout then this is an ideal protein shake for you. If you’re at more of a beginner to intermediate level then I would not recommend this for your use. I’d stick to a higher protein based powder, such as the Dymatize ISO-100 or Gold Standard Whey.

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Maximuscle Cyclone Ingredients

Maximuscle Cyclone Ingredients

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