Maximuscle Promax Diet

Having recently changed the name of their protein powder from Maximuscle Promax Diet to Maximuscle Promax Lean, what was the reason for it and has it changed anything?

I think the main reason is because they didn’t want to be sued for someone using it as a weight loss, meal replacement protein powder. It doesn’t contain all of the nutrients that it should to be a proper meal replacement.

The Protein

Surprisingly it contains what I would have thought were more rapidly absorbing proteins – hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate. I say surprised because I would have thought with a protein powder of this type they would want it to keep you fuller for longer and be more of a slow release shake. It’s not to be moaned about though as these protein types are high quality options.

Other Added Ingredients

As with other protein powders in this same weight-loss category, the Maximuscle Promax Diet (lean) contains some Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and green tea. CLA is reported to help increase the ability of the body to process fat for energy and therefore help you lose weight. Some researchers believe that the required dose is 3.2 grams for optimal fat loss. The Promax Diet shake contains 1 gram of CLA.

The amount of green tea in the protein powder is negligible so it’s hardly worth mentioning. If you want to look at a protein powder with higher levels of green tea and CLA, you should check out the Reflex Diet Protein and PhD Diet Whey protein shakes.


The high cost of this protein shake is no surprise. All of the Maximuscle protein powders are. It’s not totally unjustified because the protein powders used are of superior quality. However, whether they are worth the additional cost is open for debate. Personally, I would probably not say they are.

The other consideration is what exactly you want the shake for. If it’s as a meal replacement then it’s not ideal because it won’t have enough nutrients to be a true meal replacement protein shake. However, I would say that it’s OK to use it as a snack replacement perhaps in place of some kind of chocolate bar or mid-afternoon snack. The high protein levels will help to keep your fuller for longer and if you have been working out then it will help to repair your muscles.

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Maximuscle Promax Diet Ingredients

Maximuscle Promax Diet Ingredients