PhD Synergy ISO-7

PhD are usually one of the more expensive supplements when compared to the competition. At the time of writing, this was our 3rd most expensive “Sports Performance” offering. Does it live up to that cost and deliver what it promises? Let’s take a closer.

The Protein

The PhD Synergy ISO-7 protein shake is made up of a protein blend, mainly using a whey concentrate, some hydrolyzed whey and a whey isolate. Whey concentrate is the cheapest to produce so that helps to keep the cost down, but the hydrolyzed whey is the most expensive so will increase the cost again. It’s not the most expensive on the market so they have probably made the mix right in order to keep the costs down.

The three types of protein will allow for quick absorption after a hard workout and therefore deliver the required nutrients to the muscles as quickly as possible. Then you will have a trickle through of the nutrients as they are delivered at a slower rate. This is a good thing and I think that it’s a good combination to use when making a sports performance shake. Some people refer to it as an all-in-one protein powder, whereas I categorize it as sports performance.

The Carbohydrates

Like all of the sports performance protein powders, the PhD Synergy has a good serving of carbs. They have been added to improve protein delivery to the muscles and increase the insulin response to the sugar. This is what you want after a hard workout because insulin is an anabolic hormone which means that it will help build muscle. Maltodextrin is the most abundant ingredient used to produce the desired carbohydrate effect. Maltodextrin is rapidly and easily absorbed, which is just want you need if drinking this shake post workout.

Other Added Ingredients

This PhD protein shake contains 7.5g of creatine monohydrate per 100g of product. That’s quite a good serving which means that you might not need to supplement with additional creatine if that’s what you were after. The benefits of creatine I have discussed in another post so check that out if you were unsure about whether it works or not.

Zinc, magnesium, glutamine and vitamin C have all been included in this protein powder. The glutamine is a nice touch because when exercising intensively your stores of glutamine decrease over time. Normally, you can get what you need from a healthy diet with plenty of lean meats, but if you don’t have that straight after your workout you may be running on empty in the glutamine department. This can leave you at a higher risk getting ill because glutamine helps to strengthen the immune system, too.


I would only take this shake post workout because of the higher levels of carbohydrate in the form of mainly maltodextrin. If you have it at other times of the day it will cause a large insulin spike and this will result in the energy being stored as fat rather than to aid muscle growth and repair, as would be the case if you had it only post workout.

The cost of the shake is not too bad. PhD have a good reputation and this protein powder does not disappoint, but it’s not anything extra special either. If you want a shake with added creatine in then this is definitely one to consider.

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PhD Energy ISO-7 Ingredients

PhD Energy ISO-7 Ingredients