Reflex Natural Whey

Pitched as a “Protein shake with no artificial ingredients”, let’s take a closer look as to how good it is for you and what the guys over at Reflex have added instead of the usual artificial stuff.

The Protein

They have opted for a mix of proteins, mainly composed of an ultra filtered whey concentrate. The second most abundant protein is whey isolate and it also contains a small amount of hydrolyzed whey protein. This is a good mix because the different whey proteins will be absorbed at different rates and therefore get to the muscles at different times. It’s necessary to get protein to them ASAP after a workout but you also need sustained protein delivery as the recovery process lasts for many hours and even days.

Native Whey

A really key point about this protein powder is that they have used a NATIVE whey isolate. Native whey in this instance means that it has come from a fresh skimmed milk source. Native whey is a relative newcomer to the protein supplement world but is marketed as a much cleaner source of protein. Native whey has a higher concentration of the amino acid leucine which some researchers believe is responsible for increasing the rate at which muscle growth happens.

There are other reported benefits to using a native whey source, too, such as a reduction in fats, lactose and other ingredients that may cause stomach upset and bloating in many people. The process used to make native whey is said to be less harmful to the whey protein because it is done at low temperatures and is legally only allowed to be pasteurized once.

Whey Concentrate

Helping keep the costs down is the fact that the dominant protein here is from the whey concentrate. This usually results in more lactose but they have put this through additional filtration processes to reduce the content of fats and carbs. It is also mentioned that the processes they use to filter the protein is done at low temperatures. This can be beneficial as some people suggest that filtering protein at high temperatures damages the proteins and make it less effective. The jury is still out on that one to be fair.

The thing that I don’t quite understand with the Reflex Natural Whey protein powder is why they’ve used a predominantly concentrate mixture which has almost opposite properties in terms of protein purity when compared to the native whey. For example, whey concentrate is usually high in lactose whereas native whey is used to keep lactose really low. Perhaps it came down to cost and they wanted to balance it out while still being able to pitch it as a natural whey because they’ve used native whey in it.

Additional Ingredients

A large percentage of other protein manufacturers have a lot of artificial ingredients in their protein powders. This is where Reflex natural whey is different, but there are some additional ingredients which give it some better credentials. For example, they have added in some digestive enzymes. These enzymes have been added to help the speed at which the protein is made available for absorption by the body. This is particularly useful in a protein powder because it’s normally time critical how quickly the nutrients are delivered to the muscles after a workout.


If you are looking for a high protein, low carb and fat offering then this is a very good choice. Particularly suited to those who are more conscientious about the levels of artificial ingredients that they expose themselves to. Reflex have really delivered on a protein powder that is both high in quality and all natural. Personally, I like this approach because I think that with a lot of other shakes you cannot be 100% sure about the quality of some of the added ingredients. After all, we are all trying to be healthy and natural so it makes sense to stick to it with any supplements that you are taking.

I do like this Reflex Natural Whey protein powder. It tastes OK, mixes well and has some great benefits of being high in protein, low in carbs, fats and lactose. It’s reasonably priced, too, which always helps. However, I do think that they could have made it a little more pure by using the native whey as their predominant source of protein instead of whey concentrate. Or even a whey isolate instead of the concentrate would have helped. If they’d done that I would have rated it higher but probably complained about the cost!

Reflex Natural Whey Ingredients

Reflex Natural Whey Ingredients

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