The Best Protein Powder for Sports Performance


To perform at your best repeatedly you require a healthy, balanced approach to your diet. Supplementing with a high quality protein and carbohydrate mixture supports your body’s ability to recover faster, especially when taken within the “recovery window” which many report to be the 30 minute period immediately after exercise.

Cost per 100g
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Combat Powder Protein Powder

#1 – Cash to splash

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder

Feeds your muscles for up to 8 hours, with three types of protein…read review

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The Protein Works Recovery Protein

#2 – Great Value

The Protein Works Recovery Protein

Specialy formulated for optimum recovery…read review

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MyProtein Recovery XS Protein Powder

#3 – Biceps Bigger than Wallet

MyProtein Recovery XS

Low in lactose, high in electrolytes, high quality and reasonably priced…read review

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Why These Protein Powders?

After a hard training session or event, you need a rapidly absorbing protein and carbohydrate mix to replenish the energy and nutrients that you burned which help to repair your muscle fibres. These carefully tested and selected protein supplements are ideal for athletes of all levels and will support your body’s speedy recovery.