The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss


Why These Protein Powders?

These weight-loss supplements contain fat fighting powerhouses, such as CLA, L-carnitine and Green Tea Extract. These potent ingredients will kick-start your metabolism and help you burn those unwanted belly fat stores.

Using a protein powder as an aid to weight loss is a great idea in my opinion. It’s a convenient way to get top quality nutrition into your body instead of reaching for the biscuit tin! Any one of these shakes could be used for breakfast, as a replacement for a snack mid-morning or afternoon or post workout.

Cost per 100g
Protein per 100g
PhD Diet Whey

#1 Cash to splash

PhD Diet Whey

Packed full with fat burning ingredients…read review

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Reflex Diet Protein

#2 Great Value

Reflex Diet Protein

A huge serving of fat fighting CLA, plus loads more…read review

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MyProtein Impact Diet Whey

#3 Biceps Bigger than Wallet

MyProtein Impact Diet Whey

A good contender at a low price to keep the bank manager happy…read review

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Fight Fat Faster…

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